quarta-feira, maio 16, 2007

Guess what?

We all got Wasted

Demorou, mas o resultado saiu. Adivinhem quem passou com louvores do teste de animação para ingressar aqui? Moi! Yeah, bitches!

E por causa disso, este será um fim de semana de bebedeiras. Para os que quiserem me acompanhar, fiquem à vontade. Mulheres, tirem a roupa. Cantaremos todos o nosso novo hino:

Paranoid Social Club - Wasted

We all got wasted
We got fucked up and wasted wasted
We got fucked up and wasted

This is for the drunks, the winos,
The belligerent Afterhour all night psychos
For the party people
Party crashers
Lovers with no sequel
Cause the first hardly mattered
Lushes lookin lucious
Torn and tattered
Hair of the dogs off the chains
And comin at emThey're dead to the world
And they're plastered and pissed
Each trying to get the girlThen just past out stiff

We got wasted
We got fucked up and wasted wasted
We all got wasted

This is for the porcelain god
Holy rollers
Prayin they were only sober
Surfin on a lonely sofa
You only live once and then it's over
And if we drink long enough

Then we won't get hungover
Now our heads just pound
We got to make a toast to the drinks
That we downed
Everybody crowd around
Lift up your cup
Give it up to the one's fucked up

We all got wasted

On 99 bottles of booze
I only danced with your friend

Cause I thought she was you
We got wasted

Cause there was nothing to do
I must've had five drinks
But I thought it was two
We got wasted
Everybody's buyin' a round
We got wasted

Off the wall and pass it around
Hit the pavement

Everybody's ass on the ground
We got wasted

We all got wasted
We got fucked up and wasted
WastedWe all got wasted